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To Whom It May Concern:
Alan Wasserman is the complete musician. Not only is he a fine classical pianist, but he also plays jazz, electronic keyboards, composes, and above all, he is a fine teacher. His explanations are very clear, and everything he teaches works extremely well. 

I am very indebted to Mr. Wasserman. I have been a musician all my long life - a professional pianist. I developed arthritis in my fingers and had to stop playing for two years because of the pain. I went to Mr. Wasserman and he showed me how to play without inflicting pain and injury on myself. After working with him and his method for four years, I am again able to give concerts, including my 80th birthday gala!

He is a thorough, conscientious and caring teacher.  I heartily recommend him.

Edith Anderson, Piscataway, NJ


"Several people in your audience told me that this was the best program we've ever had. Please note that we've been lectured by Eleanor Roosevelt, Abigail Adams, and Sherlock Holmes, (from the American Historical Theatre). Not to mention the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey teaching us how to tame shrews! So you beat out some substantial competitors!!!"
Al Siskind, Greenbriar Woodlands


"It's always such a great experience to have you share your beautiful music with us. Truly, you are our favorite speaker, which you can see by the great turn-out for your presentation. People leave your lectures feeling such joy and to be able to communicate that so effectively is a very special gift."
Mary Serughetti, Toms River, NJ


I have known Alan Wasserman for some twenty years.  At first, he was the piano teacher of my two young sons.  Some five years later, I, too, began to study with him.  Mr. Wasserman took us from music fundamentals to more complex ideas with grace and wisdom.  Though a brilliant and an accomplished player, he demonstrated complete patience with all three of us.  Each week, he spent time on theory, assigning a scale and chords, before moving on to a textbook song or, later, a classical composition. To this day, I refer to my old cmanuscript book, which came to include advanced scales and complex chord patterns.

 Along the way, Mr. Wasserman introduced us, too, to popular music, including Broadway tunes, blues music and jazz ballads.  Each of us became a well-rounded player, and each of us continues to enjoy not only piano but stringed instruments as well.

 Five years ago, I chose to teach piano to young students, and I find myself using many of Mr. Wasserman’s techniques and expressions.   Foremost, I have learned the value of analyzing a composition, breaking lengthy or difficult passages into small manageable units, and caring for my hands when playing.

 I cannot imagine a teacher with more knowledge.  I cannot imagine a player with more passion.  And I cannot imagine a colleague with a greater a sense of humility.

 To see Mr. Wasserman perform, whether at Carnegie Hall or one of Monmouth County libraries, is to understand that music is a most satisfying, uplifting experience.  His connection with his audience underscores how accessible he is.  After a performance-lecture, I have heard him answer the simplest, the most puzzling and the most challenging questions with complete authority, candor and, quite often, humor.

 To have studied with Mr. Wasserman was nothing less than uplifting, even life changing.  When I first began piano lessons, he wrote in my small manuscript book a few words with arrows:   Piano > Music > Art > Life.  That principle – the connectedness and value of all things – has served my family well for two decades.  Gail Gaspar, Hightstown, NJ


I am writing to offer the highest possible recommendation for Alan Wasserman for a position in piano instruction. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Wasserman as a colleague as well as the great fortune to study privately with him. His pedagogical approach and dedication was the single most important contributing factor to the continuation of my career as a professional musician after I suffered a debilitating injury. I have experienced Mr. Wasserman’s exceptional teaching abilities as his student and been inspired by his methodology and commitment across many collaborative projects.  Throughout the course of my academic career, I have rarely met someone so well suited for piano pedagogical pursuits.

 As a mentor and coach, Mr. Wasserman approaches each lesson thoroughly prepared, crafting an individualized and well-balanced plan for the success of every pupil.  He exhaustively pursues to improve his pedagogical knowledge and skill. He is a successful performer who continually challenges his musical and technical limits much to the delight of concert audiences.  
Patrice DeVincentis, Performing Arts Studio Technician, Adjunct
Prof. of Music, Bergen Community College


"Without question he is one of the most delightful and talented people who address our group. He is a natural-born teacher, with a sense of humor and a tremendous depth of musical knowledge. And he plays that piano as though it was an extension of himself."
Al Siskind, Toms River, NJ


Alan Wasserman - 732-829-6976 - AlanWass @ aol.com - alanwass@aol.com

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